New from Skratch Labs: Cookie Mix and Fruit Drops

The folks at Skratch Labs have always looked at cycling nutrition a little differently, and their newest products definitely follow that trend. Skratch Labs has always used real world science and practice to create the best nutrition products, but only if they taste great, are made from real all-natural ingredients, and are designed to optimize performance and health for both sport and life. Company founder Dr. Allen Lim started out making his own training food and sports drink from scratch for the pro cyclists he worked with so that he could control the ingredients, and now his company is bringing that ethos to Skratch Labs Cookie Mix and Skratch Labs Fruit Drops.

Skratch Labs Cookie Mix

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Yes, that’s right, we said Cookie Mix! And why not? A cookie is more than just a sweet treat – it’s an easy-to-make alternative to prepackaged energy bars. Most cookies have about the same nutrition content as your average energy bar, and are actually easier to digest because they are simpler, have fewer ingredients, and more moisture.

With the Skratch Labs Cookie Mix, it’s easy to make these pretty much anywhere that you have access to a source of heat. All you need is a stick of butter, an egg, and 30 minutes. Just mix in your favorite chocolate chips, fruit, nuts, Goldfish crackers, or whatever else sounds like fun.

We baked up a batch here in the office to try out a few options – for a heartier cookie we mixed in bacon and chocolate chips for a combo of savory and sweet that was delicious and filling.


In our second batch we kept things simple with fresh blueberries, for a tart and moist cookie option. But of course the best part is that you get to pick the flavors with Skratch Labs Cookie Mix – the only limit is your imagination. Mix up a batch to enjoy on or off the bike!


Skratch Labs Fruit Drops


New Skratch Labs Fruit Drops is a new take on an easy and convenient source of carbohydrates to help maintain blood sugar and performance during prolonged exercise. These energy chews are made with simple ingredients, flavored only with real fruit, contain no coloring agents and have a clean bite that isn’t coated with wax. Specific glucose to fructose ratio helps increase carbohydrate absorption in the small intestine without causing GI distress. High sodium content replaces electrolytes lost through sweat and satisfies the craving for salt that people often get during exercise. The outside of each chew has a sour sugarcoating for easy handling, plus it gives a subtle, light and salivating taste.

We’ve used these Fruit Drops on both long and short rides to top up our internal fuel tank – the convenient size of the chews makes it easy to measure out a consistent, and non-messy, source of energy. Plus Fruit Drops have a light and easy-to-eat flavor that makes it more likely that you’ll keep eating enough during a hard effort. And did we mention that they’re delicious?

Skratch Labs Cookie Mix and Skratch Labs Fruit Drops are definitely worth a try if you want to shake up your cycling nutrition game. If you try products from Skratch Labs, odds are that you’re going to be hooked – what’s not to love about natural flavors, optimized performance, and a fun-loving attitude!

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