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Outside of a bike, a bike helmet is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that you should have when you ride your bike. But beyond just protecting your head, helmets can add some personal style to your ride, and our favorites have highly adjustable retention systems and great ventilation too. With that in mind, we decided to round up our top 7 new “road” helmet options and highlight some of the distinctive details of each one. Since manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet about every 3 years, you just might find your next helmet here!

Kask Mojito Helmet

Kask is a relative new comer on the helmet market, but you have probably spotted these Italian helmets in use by Team Sky leading the pro peloton. The Kask Mojito Helmet is constructed using “In Mold” technology that joins the polystyrene liner to the outer polycarbonate shell, resulting in a stronger, more impact resistant helmet. Within that In-Mold construction is Kask’s patented MIT technology, which is a polycarbonate shell that completely covers the outer shell on the top, the back and on the base ring at the back. 25 large exterior vents help pull air into the helmet to keep your head cool, and the distinctive, innovative shape helps reduce wind drag. Two hits of reflective, high visibility material on the back help keep you visible in low light conditions. The Mojito also features a leather chin strap that’s made from a leatherette material that is very comfortable on the chin, and Sanitized interior pads are treated with an antibacterial and antimicrobial Silver Ion Sanitized process to keep them feeling and smelling fresh. Retention is handled by the Up & Down harness, which gives you the most precise and comfortable fit possible.

Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet

Incredibly light and designed to keep your head cool, the Kask Vertigo 2.0 Helmet boasts a precise fit and compact shape. The Vertigo has a unique hinged adjustment system that allows for a precise fit, which can be adjusted using either the dial or finger push system. This system also includes ventilated, non-stick pads. Working together, these features give the Vertigo a superior fit and deliver a feeling of improved safety and security. After putting on the helmet and fastening the leatherette chin strap, the divider moves to fit comfortably around your ear lobes without you having to do anything. Cooling ventilation is achieved by means of 24 large air vents. The internal pads are made from two layers of CoolMax to help draw perspiration away from the head; the pads are removable and washable. Reflective stickers on the back of the helmet increase visibility in the dark.

Lazer Z1 Road Helmet

The lightest, most ventilated, professional racing helmet that Belgian company Lazer has ever produced, the Lazer Z1 Road Helmet sets the new standard for high performance. Its new Advanced Rollsys System adjusts easily with a single hand, evenly distributes pressure around the head and provides a snug, yet comfortable fit. T-Pro temple protection system gives additional coverage and shields your face in the event of a crash. Vent Tunnel tested openings ensure plenty of air flows through the 31 vents to keep your entire head cool. Rigidity Brace System reinforces the Z1 for superior resistance against multiple impacts. Pushing the limits of innovation, Lazer has created a contemporary, pro-level helmet without sacrificing style, safety or comfort.

Catlike Mixino Helmet

The Catlike Mixino Helmet is the newest helmet from the famed Spanish helmet maker. Catlike have supplied helmets to some of the most successful pro teams over the years, including CSC, Cervelo, Euskaltel, and Movistar. The Mixino is the first helmet to incorporate graphene sheets into its construction, and it makes the Mixino stronger, lighter, and more resistant to impact than other helmets. Combined with their Safety CES honey-comb foam core that dissipates impact energy, and an Aramid roll cage that helps the helmet maintain its shape in a crash, the Mixino delivers more safety features with fewer grams attached than just about any other lid. The MPS Evo fitting system ensures you get a perfect fit every time, and the Dual Flow vent system perfectly matches up air-intake and exhaust vents in the front and back to efficiently channel air across your head. Finally, an Outlast lining on the inside of the helmet helps to regulate the temperature inside, keeping your head cool so you can ride your best.

Catlike Whisper Helmet

The Catlike Whisper Helmet has achieved almost iconic status for the famed Spanish helmet maker, and was the lid that put them on the map. Worn by Olympic gold medalists, World Champions, and King of the Mountains winners, the Whisper is still one of the best performing and most recognizable lids on the road. The Whisper features a design that’s unlike anything else: with Catlike‘s Safety CES honey-comb foam core that dissipates impact energy, and the Safety LNP design that protects the low nape of the neck in the event of a crash, the Whisper has some of the best protection technology out there. The MPS Evo fitting system ensures you get a perfect fit every time, and the Dual Flow vent system perfectly matches up the 39 air-intake and exhaust vents in the front and back to efficiently channel air across your head. And all at a mere 283 grams.

Giro Synthe Aero Road Helmet

The Synthe Aero Road Helmet is Giro‘s most performance-oriented helmet to date. Suitable for all conditions, all the time, the Synthe rivals standard road helmets with its exceptional ventilation, aerodynamics, low weight and good looks. It’s 16% faster and 2% cooler than the Aeon, 13% lighter than the Air Attack and has a sleek, aesthetic design for high efficiency. Elaborate internal channeling and 19 gigantic vents provide excellent flow-through and take cooling power to new levels. Perforated side panels draw more air inside the helmet for consistent airflow at any speed and help reduce drag. Roc Loc Air retention system is fully adjustable and creates a gap between the forehead and the inside of the Synthe to further enhance the cooling equation. There are eyewear docks in the side panels for stashing your sunglasses, and a comfortable fit is achieved, thanks to the X-Static internal padding, Slimline webbing and an ultra-light buckle.

Smith Overtake Helmet

Smith may be better known for their high quality eyewear, but they have jumped into the helmet game with a distinctive design. The Aerocore construction of the Smith Overtake Helmet gives riders revolutionary protection, ventilation and aerodynamics – Smith took a patented tubular core structure of Koroyd material and combined it with EPS to produce a system of materials called Aerocore, which are designed to surpass current standards at low and high speeds. What you get is up to a 30% improvement over standard EPS impact properties, awesome ventilation and protection, plus reduced weight and volume. The Overtake weighs in at just 250 grams and its 360-degree fit system and minimal padding suspend the helmet just off of the riders head to allow heat to constantly escape. An integrated eyewear dock gives you the choice of storing your sunglasses on the front or back of your helmet. It also features Smith’s new VaporFit retention system for a perfect fit you can achieve with one hand.

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3 thoughts on “New Helmet Round Up

  1. Your previous review of the Lazer Z1 was very good. Most of the above comments are summary type comments for the other helmets….which is Ok however, I wish you would have done a similar review with the others. Your Z1 review was particularly good.

    1. Hey Neal, thanks for the feedback. This post was definitely more of a “check out what’s new” type of post, instead of a more in-depth review like with the Lazer Z1. We haven’t had a chance to try out all of these helmets for a longer period of time, but we wanted to highlight some interesting new helmets with more close-up photos. That said, we plan on working in more in-depth reviews going forward – we hope that you’ll like those reviews too!

  2. It is interesting to note that of the seven helmets cited only one, the Giro Synthe, is available at our local Performance Bike Shop and not one is MIPS construction while at least two, the Synthe and the Smith, are available with it.

    It is nice that helmet use is being promoted but it would be particularly cool if one could go into the shop to get an up close experience wuth these models, to try them on, compare the prices and colors available.

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