New Product Preview – Introducing PROBAR Nutrition

We’re proud to introduce a new name in cycling nutrition – PROBAR – who have made their name creating delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. The company’s stated goal is to become the leading provider of real food choices, always maintaining their commitment to quality, sustainability and fantastic taste.

PROBAR products are made from organically sourced materials. The company does this because organically grown foods are cleaner for the environment and for your body. Organic agricultural practices conserve soil and water and reduce pollution by taking synthetic pesticides and harmful fertilizers out of the process. The result is cleaner food and fuel for your body. But we wanted to let them tell you a little bit more about their history: where they came from, and where they’re going.

In their own words

When Jeff Coleman moved to Park City, Utah in 2002, he was an ‘eat whatever’s there’ kind of guy. Exploring hundreds of miles of Park City trails changed him as it occurred to him that Philly Cheesesteaks and martinis were not the best choices for refueling between runs. Jeff wanted to make more informed decisions about nutrition. He sought out a well-respected local food coach to help educate him about the nutritional benefits of eating simple, real foods. He learned that good, whole food was integral not only to athletic performance, but also overall health and wellness. Jeff’s cheesesteak days were over!


Soon after, at a health food store in Park City, Jeff tried a locally made energy bar. He was surprised a bar so healthy didn’t taste like flavored cardboard. The bar was truly delicious! In one bite PROBAR smashed all his preconceived notions of what a sports nutrition bar could taste like. Jeff was convinced “In this busy world, we are constantly at risk of making unhealthy food choices. PROBAR is a great tasting, whole food option that is convenient and uncompromising in quality.” Within a month he committed to fund and grow the company, eventually going on to buy it outright.

Jules Lambert soon joined PROBAR as director of sales. Jules, like Jeff, was passionate about PROBAR and knew that others would be too. His first order of business was to introduce the bars to a wider audience. Jules, his wife and three kids set off on what turned into a two-year road trip, during which time they lived out of their RV as PROBAR ambassadors. Jules’ wife even gave birth to their fourth child during their travels! Now, years later, as PROBAR’s president, Jules maintains that same level of passion and dedication.


Led by Jeff and Jules, PROBAR has grown into a nationally recognized brand while remaining true to its roots. The vision that drove PROBAR in its early days has never wavered and is engendered in PROBAR’s employees, partners, vendors, and customers.

The PROBAR mission

PROBAR creates delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. We strive to become the leading provider of REAL FOOD choices, always maintaining our commitment to quality, sustainability, and fantastic taste.


In 2014, PROBAR was approached by the Tinkoff-Saxo Pro Cycling Team, who was in need of a nutrition sponsor. After a 3-month trial period, the team came back with rave reviews and could think of no other food they’d rather eat on the bike than PROBAR products. PROBAR remains an official nutrition sponsor of the Tinkoff-Saxo team, including the 2015 Giro d’ Italia winner Alberto Contador and the 2015 World Champion Peter Sagan. The team relies on Fuel and Bolt during races, and utilizes Meal and Bite during long training rides. Base is their protein recovery bar of choice after long, demanding days.

All PROBAR products are plant-based, dairy-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Check out their team of athletes here and find out more on

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