On the Road at Ride the Rockies

Here at Performance, we really do like to ride bikes (but maybe that part was obvious).  Don’t believe us?  Our head of technical product support (that knowledgeable crew of experts who answer tech questions by phone, email & instant chat), Gaynor, decided to spend his summer vacation on 2 wheels taking part in the 2010 Denver Post Ride The Rockies ride!  And, helpful guy that he is, Gaynor has been so kind as to share some pictures with us from the road.  Here he is looking stoic on the plane flight out to Colorado (perhaps thinking about the some of the epic climbs in his future during the 7 days of the Ride the Rockies route this year):

But of course Gaynor was ready to hit the road when he landed in the Centennial State.  Here he is stretching his legs while looking sharp in our Performance HQ club team kit:

From what he’s told us so far, the scenery has been truly jaw-dropping (or maybe that’s just from the altitude).  From the pictures he’s sent back, we’re inclined to agree:

Pictured below is the road passing over Grand Mesa, the first of 5 passes in the tour that crest at over 10,000 feet!

When Gaynor returns from his adventure in the mountains (and catches his breath), he’ll share a recap of his trip and maybe offer a few pointers on planning for and riding in a multi-day bike tour like this one.  But if you are out in the mountains of Colorado this week, be sure to say hello to Gaynor if you pass him on the road… although you’ll have to catch him first!

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