Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Gina Voci

Meet Elite Rider Gina Voci

Age: 35
USCF: Category 1
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Current: Atlanta, Ga
Profession: Emergency Medicine Physician

Gina’s successful cycling career started after after a friend dragged her to a mountain bike race.  White-knuckled and determined, she rode away with the win and a new passion for racing.  Eight years later, she’s racked up results in some of the hardest races in North America.  She’s tough. Beside just shaking off the normal race catastrophes, she once chased down and stopped a car trying to steal another team’s bikes — and that was after a race.  When she’s not racing, she’s an ER doc and enjoys the finer things in life:  ATL Hip Hop and finding bargains at boutiques.

How long have you been racing?

8 years intermittently through school.

Who or what inspired you to start racing?

A friend dragged me to a mountain bike race and I was so scared and nervous, more so for the race than my Chemistry exam that I had that following Monday. I had only been bike riding for a month or so. I won the race and found a new passion.

What do you do for a living?

ER Physician.

What race are you most proud of?

Merced Criterium in 2006 there was a huge pile up under the red bull banner. My bike was temporarily trashed from under the wreckage and I had to get a yellow litespeed from the Mavic pit crew. I took off back into the race on this yellow taxi bike that was way too big and finished in the top ten! I pulled down my arm warmer after the race because my elbow was hurting and had a good sized puncture wound from someone’s chain ring.

What do you do for fun when you’re off the bike?

I love to Boutique and internet shop mostly for clothes and shoes. I also enjoy going out to eat and finding time for friends who don’t ride. I really like to drive my car fast on twisty mountainous roads.

What was your first bike?

A Red Tricycle.

What’s your dream spot to go for a ride?

The Moon, because no one has been there yet; just kidding. I would really like to ride through Italy.

Any pre-race rituals or routines? Something you can’t race without (pre-race meal, warm-up, lucky charms)?

No, I am pretty flexible. I do love the Holiday Inn Express breakfast spread with the signature cinnamon roll.

Favorite music to train to?

ATL Hip Hop.

Any nicknames for other team members? For yourself?

I am sure that these will evolve! I think that Dana should be “Super-D” and Kirsten should be “K-Rock”.

What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Race and win as a Team; promote women’s racing and foster a lasting relationship with our sponsors and support crew. I would also like to avoid tan lines this season.

Any advice for an aspiring racer?

Don’t eat burritos before racing and use more than 4 safety pins to pin your number.

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