Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Kate Mahoney

Age: 29
USCF: Category 2
Hometown: Colby, WI
Current: Roswell, GA
Profession: Human Resources Consultant

2009 was Kate’s first full season of racing. Starting the year as a Cat 4 beginner, Kate successfully raced her way to a Category 2 upgrade. Having competed in volleyball and track and field at the collegiate level (while at the same time balancing an addiction to rock climbing), Kate has found racing to be a fantastic outlet for her competitive spirit. With this inaugural season under her belt, Kate is excited to be joining the Performance Biycle Racing Team & SpokesWomen Syndicate for the 2010 season and to take her cycling to a new level of performance.

1. How long have you been racing?

With any sort of focus, just one year (2009 season). A few summers before that, I’d gotten a wild hair and had done a couple races, but hadn’t really trained-i.e., “what’s an interval????”- so I suffered a fair amount.

2. Who or what inspired you to start racing?

My husband and I have a great group of friends back in Wisconsin who are all road bike riders. So, when holidays or nice summer days would roll around, we’d get together and have great group rides. That’s where I really learned how to ride. My friend Andy Crater is part of that group, and has been a racer for as long as I’ve known him. He’d casually push me on rides to sprint or to hang on to his wheel when the pace went up, which helped fuel my competitive spirit. But, it wasn’t until about 4 years later when my daughter Joslyn was born and we moved to Georgia that I decided to really dive in to racing. Being in the South with such an active race scene, plus the motivation to get back to my pre-preganancy self helped me make the decision.

3. What do you do for a living?

I’m a Human Resources Consultant, working for a Fortune 200 Company in the Atlanta Metro Area.

4. What race are you most proud of?

My first win, at Grant Park in downtown Atlanta, GA. It was the first time where everything “clicked” and I really understood how to apply racing tactics.

5. What do you do for fun when you’re off the bike?

Free time is limited these days, but I enjoy backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and spending time with my family.

6. What was your first bike?

A hand-me-down from my sister! It was green and white with the classic brown banana seat. My first true road bike was a Lemond Alp D’Huez.

7. What’s your dream spot to go for a ride?

That’s a tough one as there’s so many beautiful places in the world! Anywhere is great, as long as my husband Pete and I can enjoy the ride together!

8. Any pre-race rituals or routines? Something you can’t race without (pre-race meal, warm-up, lucky charms)?

No, I tend to keep things loose and casual. Plus, I’m too absent-minded to be able to keep to a rigid ritual or routine!

9. Favorite music to train to?

Hip-hop and dance music for sure! Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg are a few of my favs.

10. Any nicknames for other team members? For yourself?

I don’t know most of my teammates well enough to have nicknames yet. But, I’ve always been called “KateO” because of my challenging last name:-)

11. What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Have fun, race hard, represent Performance and SpokeWomen well. I really would like to inspire other women to get out and ride, even if it’s not competitively.

12. Any advice for an aspiring racer?

Proper training makes a huge difference, so check into getting a coach. You can likely find a coach in whatever budget range you are looking for.

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