Performance Bicycle Racing Profile – Kirsten Davis

Meet Elite Rider Kirsten Davis

USCF Category: 1
Hometown: Cross Plains, WI
Current: Tucker, GA
Profession: Statistician
Coach: J.R. Smith

Kirsten is a cyclist who is dedicated to the sport. She has showcased her abilities in events all over the country, consistently placing in the top 20 of the toughest NRC, elite women’s races. She is a strong advocate of the sport, having founded two women’s cycling clubs. Her goals for 2010 are to be a contributing member of Performance Bicycle Racing: a cohesive team with national-level racing. Currently she is ranked 28th overall in the USCF and 4th for women age 40-49 in the USCF.

Her Performance Bicycle Racing season opener was a WIN at the Tour de Tuscaloosa road race in March! Look for her in the following 2010 races: Speed Week (Athen’s Twilight, Roswell… Dilworth), Kelly Cup, Fitchburg, French Broad Cycling Classic, and Atlanta 10K.

How long have you been racing?

About a decade.

Who or what inspired you to start racing?

Riding bikes has brought me joy all my life… After other athletic pursuits I got a chance to revisit cycling. I enjoy pushing myself in whatever I do – so to see what I could do in cycling was natural and included trying different types of bike racing. I credit my fabulous coaches J.R. and Jill Smith for helping me build skills and confidence.

What do you do for a living?

Survey Research/Statistical Analysis.

What race are you most proud of?

I’m proud whenever me, my team or any of my friends get out and race!

What do you do for fun when you’re off the bike?

Relaxing, listening to music, watching movies, hanging with friends, marching around the woods or doing something creative.

What was your first bike?

My first decent road bike was a “Pepto Bismol” pink Bianchi with down tube shifters that I found used in about 1995.

What’s your dream spot to go for a ride?

The French Alps.

View of Bourg D'Oisans

Something you can’t race without (pre-race meal, warm-up, lucky charms)?

I can’t live without Human Fuel Formula 7 (awesome nutritional supplement) with soy milk for breakfast!!

Favorite music to train to?

Ozomatli, Blue Man Group, Thievery Corporation.

Any nicknames for other team members? For yourself?

Yeah, I’m kk or Special K. Evie is Evster, Gina is G. Cara is Care Bear. Dana is Sweet Pea or just D. Corinne is Sugar.

What are your goals for this upcoming season?

To represent our awesome 2010 sponsors well, mentor women in the sport of cycling, bring more women into racing, and have fun!

Any advice for an aspiring racer?

Seek out a friendly cycling club to join and start asking the experienced folks lots of questions! Just get out there and try a race. S/he who shows up to the start line is a WINNER! Finishing is darn good too – just keep pedaling!!

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