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Here at Performance we’re always working on ideas for new and innovative products that we can produce to provide a great value for our customers.  With that in mind, we decided to delve into the land of product development today, to show you a few of the ideas that our team is cooking up for you to enjoy in the future.

Edible Chamois Cream:

Why bother with the hassle of separate chamois cream and nutritional gel when you can get the benefits of both in one handy product?  That’s the thought that inspired our team to come up with this new formulation of our chamois cream, but with 100% natural and edible ingredients.  Formulated with the perfect blend of carbs, amino acids and protective oils, our tasty and effective edible chamois cream allows you to lubricate both your sensitive areas and your taste buds.  Just throw this one tube in your back pocket when you head out the door and you’ll be ready for anything the road or trail throws at you.

Cycling Simulator Trainer – Fireplace Edition:

Love the idea of hitting the trainer beside a roaring fire like in our inaugural Performance catalog but have no fireplace in your own home?  Well, fret no more, because with our new Cycling Simulator Trainer – Fireplace Edition, you won’t have to compromise between high tech training and the base desire for a warm hearth.  Just hop on our high-tech resistance trainer, hook up the interface to your PC and soon you’ll be training in style beside a virtual fireplace.  You can still track your power output and performance, but with the cozy ambiance and soothing sounds of a hearty fire.  It’s even interactive—ride harder and the flames get higher!

Wicking Under Helmet Hair Cap:

Want to stop for coffee after your ride but are too embarrassed by your unsightly helmet hair?  Our product developers have been there too, so that’s why they came up with the Wicking Under Helmet Hair Cap.  Built with highly technical fibers that increase ventilation yet are guaranteed to never get out of place, our Helmet Hair Cap is worn under your helmet to wick away sweat while you ride and make you look fantastic when you’re off the bike (and don’t worry, a ladies version is in development).  Never take a coffee break without it!

Beaded Saddle Cover:

While we work hard to make our saddles as comfortable as possible, we realize that some of you out there are looking for that added something to take the edge off of those long training rides.  So we looked for inspiration from folks who spend countless hours every week sitting on their backsides logging huge miles… taxi drivers!  So what is the secret to their posterior happiness?   Massaging beaded seat covers, of course.  So we took this concept, applied it to the cycling world and came up with our own Beaded Saddle Cover.  No tools are needed to install the cover and it’s adjustable for nearly every saddle, so you can be rolling along in massaging comfort in no time at all.

These are just some of the ideas that we are working on to make your next ride more enjoyable and maybe even more fashionable.  Our product team is always hard at work and on the lookout for new and innovative ideas.  Let us know if you have an idea for the next great product, and vote on which of these items we should fast-track into production right away.

But let me leave you with a clue about another revolutionary product that our team is working on;  sick of those exorbitant airline bike baggage fees and chunky travel cases?  Well, we’ve got two words for you: Inflatable Bicycles.  You heard it here first.

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  1. I see the people at performance product development beat me to the punch….. I have edible talc-om powder in the R and D phase….. Although who would want to eat talc when u have edible chamois cream…. u know where my vote goes…..


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