Product Profile: 2011 Diamondback Podium 6

EDIT:  Since the value of the Diamondback Podium 6 we talked about below was recognized by so many of you out there, we don’t have any more in stock online.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the great 880 gram frame of the Podium 6, as we still have the Diamondback Podium 5 road bike in stock and ready to ship.  Featuring the Podium carbon frame but with Shimano 105 components, the Podium 5 road bike is another great value from the folks at Diamondback!

Diamondback Podium 5 Item #30-4903

For today’s product profile, we’re bringing you a new ride from an unexpected source.  Our friends at Diamondback have been busy lately, not only refining their lineup of mountain bikes and BMX bikes, but also developing a brand new line of full carbon road bikes.  That’s right, we said full carbon road bikes!  Of course we were intrigued, so our bike product manager, Devlin, took the cross-country flight out to Washington to meet the folks at Diamondback and try out their new bike, the 2011 Podium 6 road bike, on its home turf:

Mercer Island, located on the expansive waters of Lake Washington and only minutes from the greater Seattle area, is host to fast, rolling road rides with steep banked turns and exhilarating descents. When I heard that the crew at Diamondback were going to unveil their 2011 Podium 6 road bike here I was skeptical. After all, a brand steeped in BMX and mountain bike heritage was suddenly going to break in to road biking right at the top with a Shimano Ultegra equipped full carbon frame and fork.

At first glance, the Podium 6 is right on target. The 880 gram frame has all of the characteristics of today’s best carbon road bikes: an oversized tapered head tube fitted with a full carbon fork, massive BB30 bottom bracket for superior stiffness, curved seat and chain stays for added comfort, and an arrestingly minimal top tube. Diamondback product manager Michael Brown appropriately chose an eye-catching FSA SL-K component package and Shimano R530 wheels.

We rolled out of the parking lot at warm up speed. I noticed immediately how stable and comfortable the bike felt. It took little effort to turn over the carbon SLK cranks and the surprisingly spritely wheels accelerated well as the pace picked up. The first hill proved the Podium 6 to be a great climber. The frame was stiff, yet refreshingly compliant. The bike cornered confidently and efficiently on the following descent. The Shimano Ultegra components are well proven to be both lightweight and precise and were well matched to the Podium 6. Overall, the 2011 Diamondback Podium 6 is a fantastic choice for any rider looking for the elusive balance between great all-around road performance at a great price. We look forward to introducing this terrific value to our stores and web site this March.

10 thoughts on “Product Profile: 2011 Diamondback Podium 6

      1. I got a Podium 6 and I am very happy with it. I have friends who see it on my club rides. Will you get another allotment of Podium 6 in the future. I hope it was not a one time thing.

  1. I was able to get the last one available at the Pasadena store in California…..I drove 68 miles to buy it because they were running out of stock in Southern California with no more scheduled to come back in stock.

    From what I understand it was a one time introductory deal for 50-60 units, but DiamondBack sold Performance a total of 300 units that quickly sold out.

    Call around to your local stores and see if you can buy one ASAP before they are gone!!!

  2. I to have the Podium 6. 10 miles on a Saturday evening shakedown and adjust cruise and then a 26 mile ride to Lake Ray Hubbard against the wind on Sunday. At HR Zone 2 the ground goes by a little faster than I remembered. 25 MPH gusting cross winds were noticed but did not upset my intended line much. A 37 MPH down wind leg proved quite stable also. This bike is a keeper.

    The setup and delivery was spot on. The usual dialing in of saddle, bars and break hood positions took just minutes. There is a small rattle at the bars over the rougher parts of these Texas roads. The head bearings needed a post-ride preload adjustment – this should take care of it.

  3. I bought a Podium 6 and I like the product. I discovered that there may be a problem with the bearings in the bottom bracket, mine and a few others that I know of had to be replaced. Maybe a bad series when manufactured.

  4. Had the same problem. What I found was that the factory failed to adequately & properly pack the bearings. I noticed a clicking sound on my last ride. Took it back to Performance, they pulled it, repacked it and I’m all good. Make sure to bring yours in to have this service done if you haven’t yet. Otherwise, the bike is amazing.

  5. Just picked up this bike at my local Performance store, they had it on sale for $999.00. Then they added their 15% off labor day weekend sale and I ended up getting it for $850.00. Did I just say $850.00, hell yes I did. $850.00 for a carbon bike with 105 components………chaaaaaa

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