Ride All Day On A Tuesday

If you’ve been to the beach this summer, chances are you’ve seen a few bicycles carving their way through the sand that brushed up on to the pavement. These aren’t your average commuting or road cycles, in fact, they’re in a class of their own called “Cruisers”.

Best noted for their classic look with an upright seated position, bright colors, and a wide saddle and tires, cruisers are made for relaxing days in the saddle.

A new line of cruisers journeying to the shore this summer are Tuesday Cycles. Rooted in So-Cal tradition, Tuesday Cycles inspire a lifestyle of relaxation, comfort, and a glimmer of adventure while you’re at the beach. Their colors are bold and bright, and their silhouette is classic.

Tuesday Cycles has 4 flagship models; 3 are cruisers and 1 is a pavement bike.

The cruisers

  • May – Classic steel frame, single speed drivetrain, 2.125″ wide tires, classic “U”-shaped handlebar
  • June – Classic steel frame, 1 or 7-speed drivetrain, 2.35″ wide tires, classic “U”-shaped handlebar
  • August – Aluminum frame, 1-speed 3-speed or 7-speed drivetrain, 2.35″ wide tires, classic “U”-shaped handlebar

The pavement bike

  • March – Aluminum frame, 1-speed 3-speed or 7-speed drivetrain, 2″ wide tires, riserbar

Each model has a unique personality and we especially love that every detail of Tuesday Cycles are made to flow with life at the beach.

Here are a few key ingredients that make Tuesday Cycles unique:

  1. Classic look with bright, bold colors

    The first thing that stands out about a Tuesday is its ability to savor the time-honored build of a traditional beach cruiser, while seamlessly incorporating the bold and bright flavor that make Tuesday Cycles refreshingly unique. With each model sporting its own charms, all Tuesday Cycles are recognizable among a group of everyday cruisers.

  2. Touch-Down Geometry (or TDG)

    Every Tuesday Cycle is built around TDG to allow beach goers the ability to ride all day in an upright and comfortable position. The handlebars are spaced extra-wide, so your arms can relax while you hold on. The seat is closer to the back tire and angled downwards to encourage you to sit upright. Finally, the seat height is at a perfect level to prevent “high-knees”, but still allow you to easily touch down on the pavement with your feet if you need to stop abruptly.

  3. Rust-resistant hardware

    It’s perfect for combating the harsh effects that salty sea air can have on metal objects. With enduring hardware, you’ll be able to ride all summer with the confidence of knowing your Tuesday cruiser is built to last.

  4. Wide and grippy tires

    All Tuesday tires are 2″ wide or wider. Tuesday Cycles‘ cruisers come equipped with large balloon tires. This type of tire makes traveling between sand and pavement a breeze. Tuesday Cycles‘ pavement bikes have tires that are slightly more narrow than the cruisers’ tires, making them more aerodynamic and nimble on the road. Tuesday tires also feature a grippy tread for an easy-to-control ride, so you can enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

  5. Tuesday Barefoot Design Pedals

    Tuesday cruisers do not have those pedals with a metal grated pattern surrounding the outside that make riding barefoot a nightmare. Tuesday cruisers feature a pedal designed specifically to keep you comfortable and secure while riding with sandy bare feet. Their secret is to use grippy and soft Kraton rubber on the surface of the pedals. This rubber also grips to any shoe sole material.

  6. Padded grips and saddle

    When combined with Tuesday‘s laid back Touch Down Geometry, soft Kraton grips, and a wide squishy saddle, you’ll be able to ride a Tuesday Cycle all day and skip the fatigue that’s often associated with traditional road cycles. The Kraton grips even mold to the shape of your hand over time! These features keep you comfortable and relaxed, so you can enjoy your bike ride.

Let the car ride to the beach be the only time you’re in that hot and stuffy car on your vacation. With a cruiser you will enjoy life at the beach to the fullest; the cool breezes, the salty air, the laid back life style, and the scenery. With a Tuesday you get all of that plus extra features that keep you feeling relaxed, comfortable, and stylish mile after mile.

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