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Road Bike Review: The Fuji Brevet

By Abby T.

Hi there, my name is Abby and I’m the Social Media Coordinator here at Performance Bike. I was given the Fuji Brevet a few months ago for a fall photo shoot and I can see why it was chosen – it really is a gorgeous bike. Full carbon frame and fork, Dura-Ace components, disc brakes – the total package.

I knew it was a smart-looking bike, but how would it ride?

I took the Brevet on three different rides to get a true test of its compatibility. The first was on a casual Sunday stroll of about 35 miles, then a longer 50-mile endurance ride, and finely a harder tempo ride of 40 miles.

The first ride was to a local bakery and back. The pace was a casual, brisk pace of about 17mph, with some nice hills thrown in. I figured it would be a good way to get comfortable with the feel and handling before I did any harder efforts.

The Brevet quickly made a good first impression with my friends. As we set off, I felt comfortable and when we hit a series of three large hill climbs, I climbed up with ease. When you put the Brevet into an easier gear, the bike just seems to glide up due to its lightweight frame. Descending hills was just as easy. (If you’re nervous about descending at a fast speed, the Brevet just feels solid and stable underneath you, so it gives you a ton of confidence.) I also found that with the top-notch Dura-Ace components, shifting is smooth and precise. Even after 35 miles, the Brevet was still comfortable to ride, and I honestly felt just as fresh as when I started.

The second ride was a longer 50-mile endurance ride with my coach and some friends. The pace was going to be a bit quicker with more climbing. Honestly, coming from a mountain biking background, I am a die-hard disc brake fan. My own road brake is outfitted with some nice Ultegra calipers, but the comfort level is not the same. Getting to ride the disc-brake equipped Brevet was a lot more familiar and a total game-changer.


As we set off, we kept a steady pace of 19-20 mph. and about halfway into the ride we hit some nice, gradual hills, but with just a quick drop of a few gears, I never felt like I was struggling. We hit a few gravel stretches as well and with the plusher 28mm tires the Brevet handled this with ease.

Even after 50 miles on the bike I didn’t feel as fatigued as if I were in an aggressive riding position. The Brevet’s upright endurance geometry really allows you to stretch out and enjoy the road.

For my last test ride, I decided to really push the speed and handling of the bike. A friend asked if I’d like to join him on a harder-tempo-style ride, so I loaded up the Brevet and met him for the challenge. It would be a similar route as the first ride, but at a much quicker pace of 21+mph. As we hit the first set of three climbs I really stood up and laid down some power and the Brevet responded right back. Standing up in the saddle, the bike feels stable underneath you (it isn’t as sharp and snappy as a more aggressive bike), but it is far from a laid-back touring bike. I also found that as I increased my effort, I didn’t feel as physically taxed due to the upright geometry. The ride ended up being two hours of high effort and the Brevet helped me add a few more PRs to my usual route.

After spending all this time with the Brevet, I am more than pleased with its performance. It’s a super light, comfortable ride that smooths out the road while you churn out the miles. I hadn’t considered adding another road bike to my garage, but don’t be surprised if you catch me on that Brevet in the future.

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  1. I have a 2016 Fuji Sport bicycle and really enjoy it (its not carbon fiber). The Brevet looks awesome. What are the specs please. Thank You. Very respectfully, Richard

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