Scattante Stories – Gabriel

Gabriel’s story stuck with us, as we were reading Scattante Stories entries, because it was just such a straightforward and honest tale.  Gabriel wanted to recapture the fun and freedom he found while riding a bike as a kid, and his Scattante was a practical way to get back on the road.  But now we can safely say that he’s hooked on riding once again:

Last time I rode a bike was in middle school. My parents had more sense than money so I grew up on store brands while those around me rode top dollar “name brand” rigs. For me, it was about riding, not bragging about how much something cost. I cherished my bike and rode it everywhere. Several stolen bikes later, my parents got tired of replacing them and just like that, I could not ride anymore. By the time I was able to purchase my own bike, life had changed and I had no time to ride.

At age 38, being a father of 3 and riding a desk for the last 20 years I was overweight, out of shape and happy to be so. I always told myself I would be the dad that will run and play with my kids, not the one that sat on the bench and watched. I realized I had become the latter.

Remembering the good times I had as a kid on my bike, I decided to see if the love was still there. I shopped around at all the name brand stuff. Afterall, I am in a good career with a little disposable income. I deserved to get one of those fancy name brands now! After looking at dozens of bikes, my parents’ virtues kicked in and I was finding it hard to justify the cost of anything over the Scattante 660. It was outfitted well beyond comparably priced bikes and well into the higher priced rigs. It was also reasonably light and was simply a pleasure to behold with its pearly white paint, bold simple graphics and integration of carbon seat stays, fork and seatpost. I figured I could test the waters on this thing and if there was no spark, I wasn’t out gobs of money. I got the bike in April and by November I had put over 1,800 miles on it. I had forgotten how much I love riding! I started riding to work (30 miles round trip, rain or shine) and found routes that were relaxing, exhilerating, and challenging. I’ve explored rural areas I would have never seen otherwise. It was like I was a kid again and even the 30 square miles I ride have become a richer world to me.

Before I knew it I was 18 pounds lighter, my resting heart rate had gone from 68 to 51 BPM and my kids love having their dad playing with them now.

I ride my Scattante with pride knowing what it represents and what I have accomplished on it.


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