Scattante Stories Giveaway – Eric’s trip to Peru

We’ve already received some great entries in our Scattante Stories Giveaway, but we thought we’d inspire the rest of you proud Scattante riders out there to enter the contest by sharing a story from one of our own. Read on below to hear about Eric’s tale of pisco sours, the Inca Trail, and his Scattante XRL Cross (but don’t worry, Eric can’t win since he works here!)

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In 2007 I travelled to Peru with a friend who is from Lima. My trusty Scattante XRL Cross made the trip with me. I arrived in Lima two days before the bike since the airline first sent it to Medellin and then Bogota, which cut into our ride time. We spent a couple of days riding around Lima hitting ceviche restaurants and drinking pisco sours. The traffic in Lima is terrifying and I wouldn’t have attempted it without a local, or the pisco sours! After that we headed out of Lima and into the Andean foothills, where we met an Indian woman and her young daughter selling jewelry made with nuts and seeds from the rain forest.

I actually rode a section of the Inca Trail, along with countless miles of empty dirt roads. My friend Alaine showed me some of his favorite mountain bike trails. It was all beautiful side-hill single track: smooth, flowing and perfect for the ‘cross bikes.  I look forward to returning next year, but this time I’ll bring along  my Scattante Titanium Cross bike.

Now does your Scattante Story have to be a travel adventure like Eric’s?  Not at all! Just send us your own personal Scattante Story and, who knows, maybe you’ll be our grand prize winner!

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