Scattante Stories Giveaway

One of the main goals with the Performance Bicycle Blog is to connect directly with our fellow passionate bike riders, whether you have been riding for years, or if you just hopped on a bike again for the first time since you were a kid.  Our passion for bikes is manifest in our Scattante bikes; each model is poured over and debated for many long hours before it ever goes into production.  We take great pride in these bikes so we love to hear about someone enjoying their Scattante.  So, with that in mind…

We want to hear your Scattante Story!

Maybe you just finished an epic ride on your new Scattante, maybe you had a great time building up a new Scattante from one of our frames, or maybe you just dusted everyone on the group ride at the last county line sprint.

Tell us what you’ve done or experienced on or with your Scattante bike, and you could win another one, along with a matching Scattante kit! We’re looking for stories that inspire. Stories that amuse. Heart-warming stories. Even funny stories. As long as it involves you and your Scattante, your story could be the winner.

The rules are simple: just go to our Scattante Stories Giveaway page and ENTER NOW.  The more creative your story, the better, so don’t hold back. Collect your thoughts, connect with your muse and put your Scattante story in writing. If you have pictures or videos of you & your Scattante, post them online and send us the link with your submission! We love seeing evidence of you living your Scattante Story. The contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on June 30th, and then we’ll select the best story from among all those submitted by July 7th.

Ah, but now to the good part. You’ll be competing for a prize package that will make you the envy of every group ride! Our Scattante Stories winner will receive a complete Scattante kit including:

2010 Scattante CFR Comp Road Bike Retail value of $2499.99

Scattante Spyder Road Helmet Retail value of $119.99

Scattante Team Short Sleeve Jersey Retail value of $79.99

Scattante Airfino Bib Short Retail value of $119.99

Scattante Matrix Multi-Lens Eyewear Retail value of $69.99

Scattante Race Gloves Retail value of $29.99

Scattante Race Socks Retail value of $12.99

Grand Total Value of Prize Package: $2932.93

So what’s your Scattante Story? We want to hear it.


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