Spin Doctor Mechanic Profile – Ed Kajioka

Spin DoctorOur Oceanside, CA store’s Spin Doctor-certified lead mechanic, Ed Kajioka, has been a professional bike mechanic since 1992.  A native of the sunny shores of Hawaii, Ed is truly passionate about our sport and enjoys riding bikes as much as he enjoys wrenching on them as a Performance Spin Doctor.

He’s excited about turning people on to cycling, and helping them in any way he can: whether that means repairing or upgrading their bikes, or simply talking about the places he rides.  As an extremely experienced mechanic, Ed relishes the challenge of maximizing the performance of his customers’ bikes.

Ed’s top-notch mechanic skills include everything from performing basic tune-ups to custom wheel builds and fork overhauls. Ed will work on any type of bike without prejudice, from an $89 bike to an $8,900 bike purchased at another shop.

Of course Ed also loves to ride, and he participates in all cycling disciplines at a high level. His mountain bike handling skills are second to none, and you can often find him taming the singletrack on the trails around Lake Calaveras.  Ed has even been known to mix it up at the local BMX park or on a nighttime urban assault ride.  And as if that isn’t enough, he’s also super strong and fast on a road bike.

Ed’s passion is cycling, any type of cycling,so if you drop by our Oceanside store, be sure to head back to the Spin Doctor counter and say hello…  your bike will thank you! And if you ever get the chance to ride with Ed, you don’t want to pass it up!

3 thoughts on “Spin Doctor Mechanic Profile – Ed Kajioka

  1. Love those moustaches guys! Now you need to start a band. Well you’re not aerodynamic enough to win any races with all that facial fungus, so the next coolest job after Bike Racer is …

    Rock Star.

    You guys are really inspiring. And thanks for hosting the checkpoint.

    Ruth Turner #6691

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