Spin Doctor Tech Tip – Sizing and Cutting a Carbon Steerer Tube Fork

Jazzed about your new all carbon fork? Can’t wait to install it? You’re really gonna like it, but slow down and read this first.

Here are 13 lucky DOs and DON’Ts to help you do it right:

  1. Do carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions
  2. Do NOT use more than 25mm of spacers between the stem and the top of the headset unless the manufacturer says otherwise.
  3. Do size the steerer so that it extends above the stem. This will lessen the possibility of cracking and splintering the steerer end when tightening the stem. Use spacer(s) to gain the necessary 3mm needed for preload adjustment.
  4. Do cut the steerer with a fine toothed hacksaw (32 TPI or finer blades are recommended).
  5. Do use a fork cutting guide like Spin Doctor guide (40-2210). It will ensure a good straight cut.
  6. Do NOT use a pipe cutter. It can splinter the carbon tube.
  7. Do wrap electrical tape where you want to cut. This will help eliminate harmful carbon dust in your work area.
  8. Do NOT use a fork crown race cutter unless approved by the manufacturer.
  9. Do use fine emery cloth or fine sand paper to bevel smooth the rough edges of the cut.
  10. Do use a torque wrench for installing the stem.
  11. Do NOT use a star nut. They will score the interior of the tube and jeopardize the strength and reliability of the fork.
  12. Do use a compression plug. They will not damage the steerer and will reinforce the stem clamp area.
  13. And most importantly, DO enjoy your new fork!

Have you had experience with sizing and cutting a carbon steerer tube? Tell us about it below!

4 thoughts on “Spin Doctor Tech Tip – Sizing and Cutting a Carbon Steerer Tube Fork

  1. Don’t forget “abrasive-edge” hacksaw blades. They are only marginally more expensive than toothed blades (especially when you consider how much you just spent on your new fork) and make a very clean cut when cutting carbon. Also, masking tape works just as well for taping off the cut. I like it because I feel like it stays put better on the tube while cutting. Otherwise, great post!

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