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Recently a few of us from our corporate HQ had the pleasure of meeting a group of high school students that have big plans for the summer, and a bright future ahead of them.  The students of Spoke ‘n Revolutions Youth Cycling club, from right here in our home town of Chapel Hill, NC, have as their goal to be a “youth focused cycling group that re-introduces student-cyclists to the joys of an active life by having their own cycling adventure.”

And what an adventure they have in store, as they head out on an 1800 mile ride from Mobile, AL, to Niagara Falls, NY, along the Underground Railroad Trail, which follows the route that many enslaved people used to escape to freedom. There’s no doubt that the students who complete this ride will be deeply affected by the things they see and learn during their trek, along with the sense of accomplishment of completing their journey under their own pedal power!

But this trip is really the culmination of almost 2 years of effort, as this group of students, who began their Spoke ‘n Revolutions training as sophomores, actually built their own bikes through working with The ReCYCLEry, NC, a 501c3 bicycle coop. The students earned their used bikes by repairing bikes donated to the ReCYCLEry; learning good bike mechanic skills was the first step along the successful path to confident riding, although they’ve also put in plenty of long hours in the saddle getting ready for this ride of a lifetime!

We met up with this talented group of students, along with the group’s co-founders Kevin and Suepinda, in our Chapel Hill, NC, store, and presented each rider with Performance jerseys, shorts and gloves, so they ‘ll good and feel comfortable during their long days in the saddle. There’s a great article about the team’s visit to our store in the local Herald-Sun newspaper, where our own Gaynor Collestor, the head of our Spin Doctor Product Technical Support team, summed up our feelings the best: “We are all incredibly proud, not of what you’re going to do, but what you’ve already done.”

We hope you’ll join us in wishing the students and support team of Spoke ‘n Revolutions the best of luck and safe travels on their adventure, which is scheduled to start next week! They’re going to have many stories to tell from along the road, and we hope to share some with you right here on our blog, so stay tuned for updates as the student cyclists begin their journey!

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  1. We encountered 7 of the riders on highway 59 just south of Crysler Al.
    We pray for a safe continued journey for them.

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