Stocking Stuffers For Cyclists


“What gift do I get for a cyclist?” It’s an old question, but a good one. And since time is quickly running out to finish up that holiday shopping, we’re here to help. These simple and easy stocking stuffers and small gifts are available both online and at our retail stores, so they’re easy to find. They’re also guaranteed to be well received, since these are things that no cyclist can ever have too many of.

Incidentally, our last day for online shipping is Sunday 12/20 for standard shipping, and 12/23 for overnight. So…if you’re ordering online, keep that in mind.

Anyway, here are some great ideas to make gift buying a little easier.

1.Tools and Shop Supplies

No matter how long they’ve been riding or wrenching, every cyclist always needs more tools. If the cyclist in your life is just starting out, maybe considering giving them some home shop basics that will make working on their bike easier than the small folding take-along tools most cyclists have.


A set of allen wrenches is always a welcome addition for any cyclist

For the more experienced cyclist who you know has a plethora of shop tools at their disposal, why not look at giving them some cleaning supplies? We know it might be hard to think of cleaning supplies as a great gift idea, but try to remember that cyclists are a breed apart.


While traditionally frowned upon, cyclists will gladly accept cleaning supplies as a Christmas gift

2. Winter Accessories

No matter how long they’ve been riding, we have yet to meet a cyclist who would say “no” to new winter gear. Even if they already have some nice stuff, they’ll always appreciate having more so they can cycle between gloves to let them dry, or having a spare winter cap to change into at a rest stop, or a pair of overshoes to keep their feet warm on the trail or road.


The Castelli Head Thingy is a versatile and warm garment that makes winter riding more comfortable

3. Tubes And/Or Sealant

Inner tubes are one of those things that cyclists always need, but usually hate spending money on. You may need to feign some sort of interest in your partner’s bike and casually ask what size tires they run, but cyclists can’t really have too many tubes. That’s a fact. Unless they run tubeless. In which case they’d love to get a big bottle of Stan’s.


4. Socks

As far as we know, we haven’t hit peak sock yet which means that your cyclist is probably looking for some more fancy footwear. Socks have blown up big in the last few years, and that’s not surprising given that they are a great way for cyclists to spice up their kit and add some character and style to their ride.


Socks always make a great gift. And not just for cyclists either. Pretty much anyone would love socks like the ones above.

5. Performance Bicycle Gift Card

We get it. Cycling stuff is kind of technical, you’re not exactly sure what your cyclist has and doesn’t have, or even what kind of riding they do.

In that case, why not let them pick their own gift? A Performance Bicycle gift card can be used both online and in-store, so your cyclist will have the freedom to pick from tens of thousands of items and find exactly what they need. Or want. Or both.

Not sure what to get? Let them do the hard work. Everyone always loves a gift card.

6. Team Performance Membership

Team Performance is one of the nation’s leading buyer’s clubs, and is a great way for cyclists to get more out of every purchase. If your spouse or partner is a cyclist, you’ve probably learned to make your peace with their buying habits. So why not at least let them get some rewards for those purchases? Team Performance offers plenty of benefits like redeemable points on every purchase, faster shipping, and more.

A Team Performance membership is the gift that keeps on giving, with rewards points, shipping upgrades and more.

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