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For a child, a bike is a direct route to their freedom, imagination, and adventure. Whether they ride to visit friends around the neighborhood, to pretend to be an astronaut blasting off in to space, or to take on your block’s biggest hill, they’ll need the bike and bike gear to match up to their ventures. Below is a list we’ve put together to help take the guess work out of your shopping trip this season. It includes everything from stocking stuffers to gifts for under the tree. We know they’ll love them and hope you will too!

1. Bicyclethrasher-performance-kids-bikes

Every child anticipates the arrival of a new bike. They dream about the journeys they’ll go on together, showing it off to their friends, and how much fun it will be to ride. Performance has recently updated our line of kid’s bikes to  include high quality models for every age at affordable prices. Taking in to account ages, heights, developmental stages, and motor abilities, our new bikes have been designed by professionals and are kid approved.

2. Helmetkids-bike-helmet

Has your child grown in the last year? Chances are they need a new helmet. A helmet works at its best when it fits properly, plus they’ll be more comfortable when wearing it, and more likely to wear it.

3. Spoke Lightsspoke-lights-safety-kids

A fun accessory for any child’s bike is spoke lights. These can be attached anywhere on the spokes to create different sized circles while the wheels are spinning. They also double as safety gear to make them more visible while riding around the neighborhood.

4. Knee pads & Elbow padsknee-pads-elbow-pads-bike-kids

For little ones who are learning on their first balance bike, or older kids who like to keep you at the edge of your seat when they’re riding, knee pads and elbow pads are a great asset for protecting them during hard falls.

5. Streamerskids-bike-streamers

I’m getting my daughter streamers for her bike for Christmas. She loves anything sparkly, billowy, or colorful. She also enjoys riding her bike, but I think adding something like streamers to the handlebars might send her excitement about riding over the edge – which let’s face it, isn’t that what most parents crave on Christmas morning?

6. Basketbike-basket-kids-wicker-2

For kids who love to take their toys with them around the backyard or neighborhood, a basket is a wonderful accessory that they’ll utilize throughout the year. Baskets can be useful to older kids too, with helping transport pool gear during the summer and items from their house  over to a friend’s.

7. Headlight & Tail lightaxiom-headlight-taillight-bike-kids

Whether or not they’re out riding after the street lights come on, they’ll love the addition of a headlight or tail light. Not only does it resemble mom and dad’s bike or car lights, it’s also useful during daytime hours. Most headlights and tail lights available today don’t require batteries anymore, so keeping them charged via USB can also be a new and exciting responsibility for them in their pursuit for independence.

8. Bellkids-bike-bell

The novelty of a bell on a bicycle goes back decades, and kids still enjoy having them on their bike today. They’re loud, they’re alerting, and they give them a new kind of voice. Bells are also a great way to hone in on their fine motor skills and ability to multitask.

9. Cycling clothingperformance-kids-cycling-jersey

A true photo opportunity is seeing your child look like a pint sized professional rider, complete with a cycling jersey. Cycling jerseys aren’t just for looks though, they also help keep kids cool and comfortable while riding. They’re designed to help heat escape before it gathers in to sweat droplets.

10. Water bottle & Holderwhite-water-bottle-holder-bike2polar-water-bottle-pink-kid3

Hydration is important for everyone while riding, and your child will feel grown-up when they’re sporting a water bottle holder complete with a water bottle on their new ride. Plus, water bottles have come a long way from the days of basic plastic bottles. They’re now insulated and feature hands-free nozzles to allow them to easily open them while riding.

11. Tissues

These tissues are actually for you. With all of these bicycle gifts for your child, you may shed a few tears from taking in all of their delight. You might also actually get tired of hearing, “Thank you mommy and daddy!”.

Did you know?

We have several ways of saying “thank you” for choosing us when buying your child’s bikes. Here are a few rewards you receive for buying a kid’s bike with Performance:

Savings on Time and Money.

If you live near one of our 106 retail locations in the USA, you can order your bike in-store and have the bike shipped to that retail location for free. Not only it will it save you money on shipping, but it also saves you time as one of our professional Spin Doctor™ mechanics will assemble the bike for you at no cost (this is especially helpful around the busy holiday season of December).

Hide-A-Bike program for a guaranteed surprise.

We want to help you keep your child’s new bike a surprise. To do so, we have begun offering the Hide-A-Bike program for all parents who purchase a bike through us. If you have a bike delivered to a retail location for pick up, not only are the shipping and assembly free of charge, but we’ll also hold it for you until Christmas Eve at no extra cost.

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  1. The basket, streamers, and bell were my favorite part of my bike when I was little. You never see kids bikes come with those anymore. Glad to see kids still enjoy those things.

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