Unboxing A SRAM Red eTap Wireless Electronic Road Bike Upgrade Kit


If there is one new piece of bike kit that is sure to generate tons of discussion amongst cyclists of all stripes (and draw crowd if it is present) it has to be the SRAM Red eTap Electronic Upgrade. Whether you think that electronic shifting is the best thing since sliced bread, or completely unnecessary, the fascination with having completely wireless shifting is hard to deny. In keeping with the allure of this new technology, SRAM spared no expense in the presentation of their SRAM Red eTap Electronic Upgrade Kit, creating an impressive box that houses all of the components that you need to turn your 11 speed road bike into a wireless shifting wonder bike (complete with a nifty magnet-secured front flap – trust us, it’s nice).

So what comes in this giant box of road cycling goodness? The SRAM Red eTap Electronic Upgrade Kit includes SRAM Red eTap front and rear derailleurs, each powered by separate batteries (although you can interchange batteries from front to rear, if one of the batteries is running out of juice).  Up front the brake/shift levers are powered by coin batteries, and only have one shift paddle each – to shift to a harder gear on the rear derailleur you click the right lever, to shift to an easier gear you click the left lever, and to shift the front derailleur you click both levers at (about) the same time. A SRAM Red eTap battery charger and firmware update dongle round out the package.

But it’s not all about the packaging with the SRAM Red eTap Electronic Upgrade Kit, although it is undeniably cool, but also about the innovative and outside-the-box performance of the components in action. We got a chance to try out a demo bike with SRAM Red eTap installed on it, and it works exactly like an any wired drivetrain, just with a whole lot less hassle when you install it!

19 thoughts on “Unboxing A SRAM Red eTap Wireless Electronic Road Bike Upgrade Kit

  1. My wife struggles with arthritis of the thumbs. The new electronic shifting from SRAM would make life much easier and keep her riding.

  2. Amazing & innovative upgrade to keep this guy cruising the road all year round! Forever hooked on SRAM. #sramaddict

  3. I couldn’t believe just how big the component box was when it first arrived at work! So well presented though and so it should be for the money. It’s an absolute revelation to install and works a dream. Clean lines, no cables, slick shifting. I love the way they’ve configured the shift levers for up/down and both buttons for the front rings. I’ll be waiting for eTap Mk II though when they iron out any little niggles and give the rear mech 32T capability.

  4. Love SRAM gear! It’s been on my ountain bike since ’97, and I recently upgraded it to newer SRAM gear: X9 and X7. Works great!

  5. Just fitted eTap to a couple of Hybrid bikes. Have Di2 on the road bikes. We’ll see how it performs. First impressions are that it’s very good but not quite as snappy. What am I going to do with all the beautiful packaging?

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