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Upcycle your Bicycle

We all have that one bike (or 3) that even though it’s banged up and barely rideable, we just can’t get rid of it. Our bikes enter in to our journeys and seasons of life like a companion. They’re always there to keep us going. In many cases, these bikes haven’t been ridden in months or years, and they’re now just serving as a space holder in our homes or a trophy in our garage, but don’t they deserve more than that? Wouldn’t it be great to repurpose that bike in to something you can enjoy and be proud of everyday? We think so!

At Performance Bicycle, we love the idea of turning used things in to something great again, so we’ve gathered some brilliant ways to repurpose your bike parts, or rather, to upcycle your bicycle (we’ve had fun debating on the right way to say that). Here are 10 ways to reinvent your wheels!

1. Bicycle Chain Centerpiece Bowl

upcycle-bicycle-chain-1 has created this fun accessory bowl made from coiled bicycle chains that you can use on your dresser, coffee table, or in your kitchen for visible storage. It can hold keys, fruit, a centerpiece, remote controls and more!


2. Bicycle Wheel Clock


How cool is this clock?? literally reinvented this wheel. A wheel clock would look great on a giant open wall in a living room or bedroom. You don’t have to use the numbers, in fact, you could shape an old bicycle chain to create the numbers. Double duty awesome!


3. Bicycle Saddle and Handlebar Mount


This idea may be our favorite. had the brilliant idea to mount handlebars and a saddle together to create an accessory hanger or bike rack. We know it resembles a taxidermy deer head, but its subtle green charm makes us smile. We also like the idea of a former bike supporting a new bike. Too, too cool.


4. Bicycle Bathroom Vanity


We certainly aren’t plumbers, so we suggest getting a professional to help out with this project, but we love what did with this bike. What a great way to enjoy your old bike every day!


5. Bicycle Gear Windchime


We love how beautiful and easy to make this bicycle gear wind chime is by All you need is some fishing line, spray paint, and old cassettes. It would look great inside, but taking it outside would provide the best use of it. Plus, watching it in the wind seems like it would look mesmerizing.


6. Bicycle Chain Chandelier


Stunning. has several of these sophisticated chandeliers made from bicycle chains on their website. How spectacular would it be to have this in your home for a fraction of the cost of a crystal one? Plus, it would be made of those old bike chains you have just lying around. If you make one of these, we would LOVE to see it!


7. Bicycle Chain Frame


We’ve seen a lot of these floating around social media, but had yet to find a tutorial until we stumbled upon this blog. At, there’s a great explanation on how to make a bicycle chain frame. They make great gifts for your favorite cyclists around the holidays, even if that special cyclist is yourself! They’re easy to make and fun to look at. We especially like the neat asymmetrical design of this one.


8. Bicycle Parts Jewelry


There are a ton of different ways to mend and bend bike parts to create jewelry, but we have really enjoyed checking out the selection at These pieces aren’t obviously from a bicycle, unless you’re a bike enthusiast and know what a dissected bicycle chain link looks like (we sure do!).


9. Rubber Bicycle Tire Stamps


Rubber bike tires are so versatile for upcycling. Doormats, belts, keychains, jewelry, and wallets were some of our favorite finds, but we had to highlight this one, because of how unique it is: the stamp. has a great tutorial on how to make your own bike tread stamps. Use them in stationary, painting, wall décor, and more! It’s an excellent way to get more (creative) mileage out of your worn out tread.


10. Bicycle Cassette Candle Holders


Place these all around your home for a whimsical treat. has a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these candle holders crafted from old bike cassettes. We love that other than cleaning solution, you only need glue to create these. They’re easy to make and fun to admire!


11. Wheel Wreath with Ornaments

Christmas Bike Wheel Wreath

A couple of years back we did a post about a DIY Wheel Wreath with Ornaments. This is a great project for around the holidays. You can display your wheel wreath above your mantle or on your front door. This post also includes a tutorial on how to create Christmas ornaments out of bicycle parts. Save some money this season on decorations and use items that you already have to make meaningful and lasting holiday trimmings.


Have spare or used that parts that you want to get rid of?

Our store locations sponsor a Chains, Tubes, and Tires Recycling Program, where you can drop off your used bicycle parts. This is a great opportunity to give new life to old components.

Can’t make it to our location, but still want to try one of these projects?

Check out our website for products to use in your repurposing projects. We have handlebars, wheels, tires, tubes, chains, cassettes, and much, much more.

Hopefully we’ve helped to get your gears turning on upcycling your bicycle. If you decide to tackle any of these projects, or if you have other upcycling ideas, we would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi I had a 20 year old bike that I revamped this past summer. I painted it Black. Removed all the parts except for the frame and got all new parts. Looks awesome. I originally traveled 300 miles or 444 km on this bike with 2 other friends in 1996. It has memories on this bike so I wanted to keep it. Oh yes. Kept the seat too.


    On Nov 15, 2016 10:23 AM, “Performance Bicycle Blog” wrote:

    wroteonabike posted: “We all have that one bike (or 3) that even though it’s banged up and barely rideable, we just can’t get rid of it. Our bikes enter in to our journeys and seasons of life like a companion. They’re always there to keep us going. In many cases, these bikes h”

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