Winter Cross

Some days, you just have to ride. This past weekend, Performance employees David, Chris and Devlin outfitted their Scattante XRL Cross and Scattante Titanium Cross bikes with metal-studded tires (why not) and hit the trails for their “Worst Day of the Year” ride.

OK, so we have to admit that we are pretty spoiled with the weather here in North Carolina–just when you start to get tired of winter, spring is just around the corner and the flowers are starting to bloom.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t get our annual dose of Old Man Winter every year (and yes, we realize that it’s all relative). So when the latest winter storm blew through the area, David, Chris and Devlin threw winter tires on their cyclocross mounts and hit the trails. . . for a little winter cross.

A good time was had by all, and the only casualty was a snapped seatpost bolt, which made for an interesting ride home. Maybe it’s just the novelty factor (for around these parts), but riding in the snow was a blast, and a great workout. But we’re still looking forward to spring.

2 thoughts on “Winter Cross

  1. Fellows where were you riding if I dare ask? Surely you weren’t riding on single track in the Triangle. Surely you don’t want people tearing up the trails by riding on them wet. Doesn’t look like Umstead to me… you weren’t hitting the Moville trails… please enlighten us all.

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